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庶民派知事で何があっても心配いらない広島を ヒロシマ庶民革命

by hiroseto2004




署名の発信者広島パレスチナともしび連帯共同体 Hiroshima Palestine Vigil Community(English follows Japanese)




Hiroshima City: Take Action NOW for Palestine!International Peace Culture City, must ACT NOW for PEACE!As a victim of the nuclear genocide, Hiroshima has set its own supreme objective as being the International Peace Culture City since 1970. Hiroshima has a unique history, responsibility and POWER to make things happen NOW!One week after the Ukraine invasion, a resolution was passed by the city government decrying the war. And yet there been four months of silence from the Hiroshima government around the genocide in Palestine? 227 other city councils and prefecture assmblies across Japan have already released resolutions or statements in support of a ceasefire/peaceful resolution/deescalation in Palestine. Why is Hiroshima City Council not on this list?On February 13, we delivered an inquiry letter to Hiroshima City Government, City Council, and Hiroshima Mayor, Kazumi Matsui, the leader of Mayors for Peace. There are around 8,200 peace member cities worldwide, including Gaza, and others in Palestine and Israel.We asked five questions to the Hiroshima City Government and City Council about their responses to the current crisis. Unfortunately, their responses did not indicate any intention to take action. To the Hiroshima City Government and City Council, it seems that the current events in Gaza are not directly related to the "Peace" of the "International Peace Culture City." As citizens of Hiroshima and the world, we cannot support an "International Peace Culture City" that ignores Palestine. At this very moment, many lives are being lost in Gaza. Hiroshima City, please act now!The Hiroshima-Palestine Vigil Community invites the broader Hiroshima-kenmin, Japanese, and international Communities to sign on to encourage the Hiroshima City government and Hiroshima City Council to take immediate action. Under the urgent circumstances of the progressing genocide in Palestine, we must act NOW!Since October 13th, we have gathered every night in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome appealing to the Hiroshima public and travelers to the Peace Park. We are a diverse group of Hiroshima citizens: Hibakusha (atomic bomb survivor) 2nd and 3rd generation descendants; workers, nurses, students, professors, schoolteachers, non-profit workers, artists and musicians, writers and journalists, office workers, high school students, and foreign workers; Christians, Jews, Muslims, & Buddhists; people of all genders and ages including children; and people from all over Japan. Through art, music, demonstrations, speakers, performance, print materials, and online presence, we are using all of our tools as a community to raise awareness and urge everyone to take action NOW!We are inspired by the many powerful grassroots actions for Palestine solidarity across Japan, from Tokyo to Nagoya, Okinawa to Hokkaido, Fukuoka to Osaka and Kyoto. To those in other towns or prefectures whose government are still silent, please take this as your opportunity to raise your voices and demand them to act NOW!We will deliver this petition to the City of Hiroshima and the City Council on February 29, 2024, calling for concrete action such as a statement and resolution for a ceasefire and a humanitarian solution. Please help us hold Hiroshima accountable to its history, responsibilities, and power.Together in Solidarity,Hiroshima-Palestine Vigil Community

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